Adam's First Paternal Dream

A couple of weeks ago, Adam had his first paternal dream (that he remembers). So, he dreamt that we were visiting family and he was lying on the couch with our baby lying on his chest. So, he fell asleep and when he woke up, the baby was gone. He began frantically looking around and asked, "Where is the baby?" Someone said, "Oh, well when you fell asleep, you rolled over and the baby fell onto the floor."

Adam was so upset but everyone assured him that the baby was fine and that this happens all the time.

So, he walks over to the crib and the baby is lying there with black eyes and a broken-looking nose. Adam felt awful.

Then his dream fast-forwarded a few years and he is facing my cousin Adrian's daughter, Audrey. ( I think we'd read your blog right before bed!) Except in the dream Audrey was our child. The same child that fell off Adam's chest, except now her face looks fine. Adorable, in fact! So, Adam bends down and says:

"Hey. I'm sorry about letting you roll off and hit the floor when you were a baby."

And Audrey says, "That's okay, Dad!" And scampers off to play.


Lora said...

My analysis is-A little anxious about being a Daddy. HE IS GOING TO BE A WONDERFUL DADDY!

adrian seney said...

Wow!!! Our Audrey is famous (sorta)! Tell Adam not to worry - I am sure you both will be wonderful parents!!!

Bethany said...

You two are going to be AWESOME parents!

Olson Family said...

so cute...

To answer your question:
ALL of Erik's family (with the exception of his dad) have VERY blonde hair...unfortunately they live in Nebraska so no one knows that and I have to answer that question ALL the time!!!! I think I've posted some pics of them before...Jack's hair is actually getting darker as it thickening...but he'll probably always be at least sandy blonde.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...


I had a dream the other night there was going to be a nuclear explosion and so my husband told me and the youngest child to put 1 foot in an aluminum bucket and then pull the cupboards away from the wall (because even though they were wood on the outside they were aluminum on the inside) and then hide behind the cupboards and I kept frantically yelling for Max to come here with Griffin and Myself and he wouldn't come and then the nuclear explosion happened and it blew all his clothes off.............My husband and I watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull before bed.....if that explains anything.

Anonymous said...

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