Monday Happenings

It feels like it should be 10:00...but it's only 7:00.  I love fall back but it's always so strange to come home and it get dark so quickly.  By the end of our walk...the street lights were on!  What the h-e-doublehockeysticks?

I'm thinking about tomorrow morning...should I wake up early and go to the polls (they open at 7 here) or should I go after work?  I'd really like to go first thing...I just can't be late for work (starts at 8).  Hopefully everyone else will just have good intentions but not really wake up to go at 7 so that Adam & I  can bust on up to the front of the line and get our vote on.  

In other news, my sweet mom sent me my first pair of maternity jeans!  Yes, they are glorious.  You just pull them on up (no buttons or zipper!) and they expand away.  Thank you Mom!  I was worried about our baby having a Levi button imprint on his/her face.

She also sent some loooong maternity shirts.  Praise the Lord, I have noticed that my shirts are getting shorter ( Maybe Adam is shrinking them?).

Speaking of, Adam had a hard test today and I'm going to enjoy some delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with him (thanks for the recipe, Jen!) while Powers stares at us with his pitiful, starving orphan face.

Oooh, tomorrow I'll have to tell y'all about Adam's first paternal dream.