Let Him Eat Cake!

With the combination of a tiny rent house and Adam's crazy residency schedule, we decided to have a little get together on Adam's night off this past week. Adam's parents came over and my mama drove in and we enjoyed hanging out and celebrating Elliot's first year of life! I was feeling a bit guilty since Henry had big blowout parties for birthdays one and two but I don't think Elliot minded the small celebration and we did what worked for this year!

Happy birthday to brooooodder! Happy birthday to Henry! Happy birthday to Beaaaar! (sung by Henry).


Gabe said...

Sad I missed it! I'm sure ya'll did great!

Bethany said...

Happy birthday to Elliot! And by the way, you're looking hott mamasita!

Katie Jobczynski said...

why does Bear look so much like Henry?!?! i miss you. give the boys big hugs and kisses from kahkay.