emergency 9-1-1

It all started with a routine vet visit. We loaded powers up in the jeep, harnessed him in with Adam's genius "keep Powers from jumping out of the jeep after a squirrel while we're traveling 45 m.p.h." contraption. Then we went to the vet for ordinary vaccines, check up, etc. The vet waiting room is a funny area. Everyone looks at their pets and giggles quietly as other people's pets whine or dance around. Owners say things like "Easy, Fluffy." and "She is just so excited, aren't you sweet baby girl!"

Anywhoos, Powers finally gets called and we go in, have the shots, get weighed (speaking of, we also received some interesting news- after years of Powers not being able to gain weight, here he is, after only 3 months of mixing canned food with the dry, FAT.) Well, the vet didn't actually say he was FAT, but he did say he could stand to lose a few. So, basically, he's fat. I'm sure I don't help the situation with my sneaky table scraps that I slide to Powers. (Adam does not approve)

So, as we're on the way home, Powers vomits 3 times in the jeep. Then we get home and he pukes again in the yard and lies down. He's panting all crazy-like. This is weird, up 'vaccine reaction dog" on the internet and it sounds bad, so I call the vet place & get the machine. Then we call the Emergency vet place and they tell us that we need to come in. So, we're like, "hey Powers! We're going for a ride- c'mon!" nothing. He doesn't get up, its so weird. So, Adam picks him up and carries him to the jeep. He lays in my lap all pathetic-like.

We get to the Emergency vet place and it is so interesting-
there's a big boxer there that got stung by a bee and has a huge tongue and swollen eye- he was funny. There's a golden lab there that ate paintballs that the neighbor's kids shot. His vomit was bright green. Also, there was a sad, older couple there with their tiny terrier. The terrier had a little tiny i.v. and the couple was so sad. Its funny how much a part of our lives our pets become, you know? They're so wonderful and always love you and are always happy to see you. Anyways, long story short- he got pumped full of steriods and benadryl and he's better now! He had a reaction to the Leptospirosis vaccine, which he didn't have in Texas. So, we go home and he drinks copious amounts of water and then passed out. We have to keep giving him Benadryl for the next few days, so he'll be a little calmer, a little more mellow, a little more drunk.

Its cool in Erie- this morning when I was driving to work, the car thermometer said 46 degrees!!! Yay fall! And my best pal is coming in tomorrow!!!


Danny Lucas said...

Thank God Powers did not go to the wedding in Chicago with you.

I am concerned that folks in Texas will think life ion Erie leads to waaay to much vomit.

We got away with the first time for you as you were IN Chicago!

Powers will be more difficult to pass off.

Tell him not to worry. Erie is big on prayer and ALL of you are covered deeply in prayers of thanksgiving often.

Ephesians 1: 16-23 wow!!

You are a generous gift from God to this community, Camille.

Lora said...

Ok-so it's Danny & Erie's Gain-BUT WHAT ABOUT ME???? I miss my little girl & her sweet hubby-EVEN POWERS! Glad Powers is OK. The bendryl should keep him docile and acting like an "Old Dog".

Danny Lucas said...

C'mon up Lora.
We have plenty of room for moms who raise daughters like Camille.
Take a silent bow for a job well done.

Infectious vim and vigor and love of life never go outta style. I suspect she got it from you.

Don't just visit. We need lotsa seceder's up in these parts.
I cannot wait to hear Adam's bride in the midst of her first huge winter. I look forward to a spin that has never been seen. You will be hearing more than Anywhoos by February!

Blessings to you this day.

kjds said...

yikes! i am so glad powers is a-ok! i always made fun of the people who acted like their pet was a human ... and now i am that person. i talk to bagby as i would you ... and i have many nicknames for her, such as: chica, bags, baglesby, etc.

you are a gift to that community! i am glad danny knows it! you are a GIFT to anyone who gets to know you, see you, spend time with you ...

Lora said...

Thanks for your kind words, Danny. Actually Camille gets her personality from her wonderful Daddy. We Southern Girls LOVE our Daddys. Thanks for the prayer covering, MOST IMPORTANT. I suspect I will only be a visitor-OLD LADIES like the warm climate. No one retires to the North-only to our neck of the woods.

Brooke & Freeland said...

PHEW!! That blog had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Poor pow wow. Im sooo glad he is okay now & drunk... just like his parents. (joking) Love yall.