Pocketful of Sunshine

I can't help it- I do love that song  (see title). 

I have good news and bad news.  Which do you want to hear first?  The good news?  Okay, here goes:  

I finished the 7th and final Harry Potter book on the plane ride back from Florida. 

The bad news? 

I finished the 7th and final Harry Potter book on the plane ride back from Florida.  

Folks, I have to tell you.  It was incredible.  I cried and cried during the 6th book, which was okay because I was on the beach.  But then, then,  I read the 7th book- and for the last 300 pages, I was on the stinking plane.  NOT a good place to read the last 300 pages.  I had tears streaming down my face, poor Adam was probably mortified.  I kept having to place my bookmark on my current page, shut the book, and do some lamaze-style breathing so as to collect myself.  It was incredible. 

I honestly want to immediately start the series over.  However, I feel like I should wait since as soon as I finished the last book, I felt like I was crawling out of a cave where I'd been living for the past 5 weeks with my magical friends.  So, I've decided to maybe hold off a little bit and reread them another day... it's probably best to wait until the Hogwarts dreams have ceased. 

Spoiler Alert:  Do not read on unless you've finished the series or do not care about Harry Potter (shame on you.)   

I was a little sad about the prologue.  I have so many questions that need answering:

1.  What was Harry's profession?  Was he an auror? 
2.  What happened to Luna?  Did she marry Neville?  ( I hope so...)
3.  Who was Victoire that Lupin's kid was snogging at the train station?  I guess it was one of the Weasley boys' kids since she was Lily's cousin....

Many more questions, but overall, I feel resolved.  Snape really was such an interesting character.  I think it'd be cool if she would do a series from his point of view.  What happened in between the pensieve memories, you know?  

Anyways, do you have any ideas about my unresolved questions?  


Brooke & Freeland said...

Oh my dear lord in heaven.. Im so glad you notified us of the spoiler alert. Phew. Although I dont know what you spoiled and if maybe I already knew the secret since my husband likes to share information.. either way Im glad that I didnt read it & im thankful you warned me. Now I can dive head first into HP without feeling guilty.

Larry Shallenberger said...

Good Lord, what took you so long to discover Harry? This requires some sort of church discipline...

Lindsey said...

i'm dying laughing picturing you crying in the plane and taking breaks to do lamaze breathing all for the sake of HARRY POTTER!!

freakface said...

"Snogging?" For those of us who a) aren't British and b) Don't follow the series, what the heck is "Snogging"? No, I'm not looking it up.