Small Gifts

Ain't it funny how the simplest things can entertain kids for hours? 
Buy them a complex, expensive toy... they may be amused for minutes, give them a hose and a bucket= hours of fun!
The same rule proved true on our family vacation.  My 8-year-old nephew, Caleb, had a birthday in June and so Adam & I got him a couple of small presents, the most random of which was a pair of googly glasses we found on the cereal aisle of Winn Dixie hours before his arrival at the beach.  
Obviously, it was the greatest gift ever given...
I would put up a really, really embarassing picture of my mother wearing them except she has threatened to take me out of the will if I do, so I'll refrain...

P.S. The 2nd most popular toy of vacation?  Mom's wig.  Caleb created a character called "Steve McCrawly" who wore the wig and strutted around like a rooster.

It's the simple things!


Deb said...

Hahahha....love it. Nothing like a wig and funny glasses. Our family is the same way. My Mom and Dad brought tams with red hair sticking out from under them from Ireland...they even have pics of the lab with one on. Josh and Randi looked great.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Powers would look like with that wig? We've had SO much fun with the wigs! It's fun to swap them out at the restaurant and puzzle your server.

NY Yankee Fan

Lora said...

I am going to will that wig to #1 Grandson as soon as I am done with it! He certainly likes it much better than I do!

You are still in the will-but you may get a bigger share if you completely delete that photo. The good thing about taking all the pics is I delete those I do not like of myself. So far I have 3 pics of my from an entire year. HMMMMMMMM!What does that tell you about my self-image????