The Usual Suspects

I was tagged by my friend, Jen.
What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was 15 years old which means that it was the summer between my freshmen and sophomore year in high school.  Therefore, I can conclude that I was waking up for cross country practice every summer morning at 7 a.m., spending a lot of time at the pool getting tan (aka pale but frecklier), and bumming rides off of people with a license while giggling maniacally and singing along to FM102.
Things on my To-Do List:
complete my last day of work for the week (Hooray, Friday!), attend Greek fest, dress Powers up in the latest Vogue fashion, collaborate with Pinky & try and take over the world
What are some snacks you enjoy?
chips & salsa or queso, the molten lava cake from chili's (a delicious hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream melting on top, mmm), puppy chow
ah, I had a roommate in college who made Puppy chow like it was going out of style.  
What would you do with a million dollars? 
 See here.  
(of course, after paying for Adam's medical education, giving to the poor & church, and buying a beach house for the family, going on a romantic European vacation and... darn it.  I'm going to need another cool mil. to open up the tea house)
Name some of the places you've called home.
Ruston, LA    18 years
Waco, TX    6 years
Erie, PA      1 year
What are some of your bad habits?
1. Shoving everything off my bed onto the floor when I'm tired instead of putting things up before I get in bed
2.  Deleting voice mails before I get past the first four seconds
3.  Junking up my car.
4.  Running crooked so that my workout partner gets pushed off the road
What are some jobs you've held?
camp counselor
photography assistant
spanish teacher
admissions counselor
 shop girl

I tag you.


Lora said...

UHHHHH-I SEEM TO REMEMBER THAT I GOT UP EVERY AM & TOOK YOU TO CC PRACTICE & then came back to pick you up. Then I took you back when you had that second practice thingy going on! I ALMOST DROVE THE WHEELS OFF MY CAR from the time you were in Jr Hi until you got "Black Stallion #1".

toulieb said...

YOU MUST try loukoumades. Yummy FRIED dough dipped in honey dashed with cinnamon.. ooooohhhh sooo YYUUUUMMMMYYYYY....Oh I am some random greek chick that reads your blog.. I have no life.

zena said...

CAMILLE>>>Hi! I enjoy reading your blog! Lindsey is in M.P. and she showed me how to sign up so I can leave comments!!

Anonymous said...

(sigh) I forgot about FM102...overplayed radio station that it was! Also, I thought you just ran crooked so that you would have an excuse to push me into parked cars! Glad to know you're an equal opportunity crooked runner.

adrian seney said...

You must add me to your list of blogging friends. Don't get too excited - I have a lot of stiff competition with you and your momma, but I will try to keep up. Love and miss!!!