The Beach

Oh, vacation... it was wonderful. Every year, my family and our family best-friends, the Thompsons, go to Navarre Beach, Florida and hole up in a beach house for a week and rarely leave unless it's to buy more food from the grocery store. We have our vacationing down to a very fine art- wake up, eat breakfast, go to beach (boogie board, read under tent, find shells, bury nephews in sand), come in for lunch, take naps/hang out during the hottest part of the day, 2:30/3:00 go back to beach (play bocce ball, throw the frisbee, ride boogy boards, avoid jelly fish, take walks), 7:30 head inside and eat supper, hang out on deck the rest of the night, go to bed, start over.

It's wonderful.

What's most fun now is having Adam be a part of family vacation. I think there's always a 'holding of breath' when you introduce someone new to a familiar group. Maybe when your home town friends meet your college friends at your wedding or when your boyfriend meets your roommates...there's a little fear there, right? Before Adam and I were married, I had never brought a guest on vacation, I adn't been allowed to! (The older brothers ruined that chance for me with a series of girlfriends). Regardless, I'm glad that Adam was the first Camille guest on vacation and I'm happy to report that he fits in darn well. I really enjoy watching he and my brothers interact and get along so well. He's a likeable guy, that one. This was Adam's third Conville beach vacation and I think that by the end of the week we were both not ready to leave. The week flew by and we had to say goodbye to family & those cute nephews.

Counting down the days to next year. Thanks Mom & Dad!


Lora said...

You are very welcome-it was our pleasure!

Hannah Lee said...

Glad you guys had a great time! I love the Harry Potter shout-out. I watched the latest Harry Potter on HBO last week and was soooo into it! I have only read two HP books, but loved them! You're hilarious!

Baby High Five said...


Lindsey said...

yay for family vacations! i'm so glad you and adam were able to get away for the week. it was great talking to you tonight, my friend!

Deb said...

There is nothing like the beach and then to be surrounded by your family and good friends. Just like heaven.

Anonymous said...

I had only one flop of a guest, thank you.
Adam's in like Flynn.