Dog Days of Summer

Powers on the way to pick up his besties.

Friends, I'm sorry that it's been since Saturday!  We had some very important friends visiting and we were having way, way too much fun.

These is Brooke and Freeland's dog, Oliver. 
He and his sister, Madeline, came and visited us while 
B & F were gone to Canada with Freeland's visiting momma. 

They're kinda large so they had to hang out in the back of Adam's truck
under the camper.  They stuck their head into the truck to say "Hey."

Here's Maddy!!!

After a long, hot walk...

Oliver likes the close-ups.

Madeline likes to tuck in for a nap. 

Powers is a little sad this his friends are gone but, really, he prefers Brooke and Freeland's cats. Happy Tuesday.


adrian seney said...

How cute! I love big happy dogs!

Brooke & Freeland said...

dear lord - that is a lot of slobber all over the place. Im so sorry! Yall are great friends to think thats adorable when they get everything messy! :) They are so spoiled by Aunt Camille & Uncle Adam. Oh and Im glad you got to see the "Great Dane Tuck & Fold & Insert Here" on the couch!

Bethany said...

Is that doggy slobber in Adam's truck?!!

Anonymous said...

To echo bethany's comment....is that slobber I keep seeing everywhere? Give these dogs some water or something!

Brooke & Freeland said...

Sadly, yes its doggy slobber everywhere! Do you see the size of their tounges?? Thats why Adam & Cam were so nice to babysit them & then even let them poke their heads in the truck! :) But dont worry they dont do it all the time just when you run them around & they are excited. If you come to our house they wont slobber on you!

Deb said...

You are very GOOD friends....I am dreading sending Sophie, the Princess, to a kennel. I know it will happen someday. (I am tearing up even now at the thought!)