You Are the Dancing Queen..

Oh, friends.

Last night, Bethany, Brooke, and I went to see Mamma Mia! It was such a fun movie. I think even Adam would've liked it although he would've scowled and pretended that he wasn't into it. But in his heart, he would've been saying, "Yes, sweet musical, yes!"

The whole movie I kept trying to figure out who that lead girl (Sophie) was. I knew that I had seen her somewhere...and then I googled it at home and it was Karen from Mean Girls. How bizarre! But she's adorable and did a great job, I thought.

Meryl Streep, though, was the diva. Let's be honest. She and her two girlfriends were hilarious, hilarious and she can belt it. Brooke said it right when she said, "Meryl just makes it look effortless." Too true, too true.

The weak link: Although Pierce Brosnan is easy on the eyes, he's hard on the ears. Bless his heart, he can't sing well, folks. I was surprised that they didn't dub his voice. And it didn't help that he was singing duets with ol' Meryl who can belt it like it's her job. (It is, incidentally)

All in all, the movie was fantastic. Of course, it's a musical. It will have a few cheesy parts, folks. That's the beauty. But then they turn the cheese into hilarity and it's all good, then! (I.e. the serenade on the beach between Sky & Sophie that turned into the speedo men in flippers dance on the dock... I loved it.)

The music is excellent. ABBA knows how to rock it. I recommend it for you & a girlfriend. We literally sang out loud in the theater. It's hard not to when an entire greek community is singing "Dancing Queen."


Danielle said...

HAHA! yesss!

Ann Miller said...

i saw the musical several years ago, and can't wait for the movie!! abba does rock!

Cynthia said...

I couldn't agree more about...well, all of it! Especially Pierce Brosnan. In fact, I even warned my mom and I've decided she must be tone-deaf because she actually said she didn't think he was that bad. Um, did we see the same movie?