Dating Don't #418

Don't complain on a first date.

Oh my gosh, this is disgusting. Waiter, waiter, excuse me. Take this away. Ugh, I'm so tired from work. This week has been terrible. There has been so much to do and my boss is driving me crazy. Did I tell you about my sink leak? I hate my apartment so much. The stupid landlord won't fix anything. It's awful. Ow, these shoes are pinching my toes. Ugh, they are so uncomfortable.

Instead, find pleasant aspects of the evening to discuss and make sure and find a thoughtful compliment for your date's appearance.

Remember: No one likes whine with their cheese.


Anonymous said...

hubby likes to joke that we are "husband and whine"...get it? Instead of "husband and wife??" ha ha...very funny. Guess I should think about taking this rule more to heart :)

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Why is this #418.....what happened to 1-417??? You can't skip around.....my brain can't funtion.

For some reason I am drawwwwn to that picture of Adam. he is eerily nerdily sexy in that picture, If you don't mind me saying. Perhaps I subconsciously like nerds........hmmmmm, therapist (yells for therapist)

kjsonntag said...

1. this is one of the funniest things i have ever seen. hands down.
2. shady girl wearing an ENGAGMENT RING on a first date!
3. love you friend!

B-HO said...

This post kinda reminded me of the SNL skit of "Debbie Downer"...wha wha...thanks for the tips ---if I ever do get to go on a real life date again--I will keep these on the forefront of my mind...Loves