Bienvenidos! We currently write from a hotel room in Cincinatti, OH. Tomorrow we will arrive in Erie and move into our little cottage. This blogspot will tell the tales of me (Camille) and Adam as we stop being polite. and start getting real. Erie-style. lame reference?

Really, this blog is an outlet for Adam to share his feelings. He loves to do that. Just kidding.

So far, we have driven 17.5 ish hours. Adam is driving the U-haul and pulling his jeep. me & my mom are switching out driving the volvo. and Powers is being the full time navigator. Being on the road makes you aware of things. We will share those later. But now we're tired of typing. This blog is going to be boring. or not. We'll see.


kjds said...

I laughed out loud at this. I would write something funny, but nothing beats a reference to the real world. At least we already know you and Adam will be hooking up by the end of the season. Miss you!

Janie said...

Ya'll are so cute!
(in case you've forgotten "ya'll" stands for "you all")

Marylou said...

this blog is pretty much already better than the whole last season of the Bachelor. What will happen next?? I can't wait to find out!!!

ps. please post new yankee address soon.

salladsaxet said...

Welcome to Erie... and to the Chestnut Hill/Glenwood neighborhood. Beautiful little house in a great area! I grew up just down the street from your new home and always thought that was a cool house. Congratulations and enjoy how vibrantly Erie changes with the seasons!

Erica said...

(I was linked here from erieblogs.com)

Welcome to Erie! I have made the TX to PA drive more than once (Grew up in Edinboro PA but spent a year in the Dallas area) and I know how tough it can be.

Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Welcome to Erie. It's a great town; you'll love it.

Lindsey said...

wow. ya'll already have some friends in erie (or at least blogging friends). ya'll are going to be the most popular family there. miss you and can't wait for more of the jennings saga.

Mother Goose said...

I can't wait to be invited to Erie!
You know your "auntie"; she loves to travel to new places.

Mother Goose said...

I can't wait to be invited to Erie. You know your "auntie" loves to travel to new places!

Mother Goose said...

It was my first time to blog. I thought it hadn't received my message! I'm learning!!

Debbie Lynn said...

Hey Adam and Camille! Love your blog and I love your house!!! It is sooooo cute! I am a PA girl and love hearing your impressions. I haven't been there since 2004 when we went to Waldameer (sp?) for the Episcopal water park day. My sis and her kids always go with their church from Sharon and we met them there that Sunday. They had a chuch service first and music...very nice.
Advice: Bottle up the hot weather and save it for Jan. and Feb. (oh yeah and March and April, too!) We were "home" to Port Allegany in March and it snowed most every day. Josh and Randi enjoyed that!
Hey, Drive down to Edinboro U.... aka "The Bo Bo" (my alma mater) and check it out. Don't forget to visit The Hotel in the middle of town. It is a land mark.
Lake Chatauqua isn't too far away....about 60 miles or so and they have intereting things going on there...concerts and plays.

We are doing our 23 hour drive soon....my Dad's 80th B. Day party. Love you, Ms. Debbie