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Howdy from Erie! After roughly 23 hours in the car/uhaul and a stop at "Grandpa's cheese barn" somewhere in Ohio, we are here! We currently don't have internet- we are making a covert op and stealing internet from a neighbor- because nothing is more important to a big nerd than posting on their blog.
Moving in has proven more of a chore than we anticipated. First of all, when we arrived at the cottage on Wed. afternoon, there were 2 big dogs in the house. What? Oh, wait. The old owners haven't moved out ye! Long story. So then we took Powers to the lake to kill some time. THe lake is so huge that it looks like the ocean. (Guess thats why they call it the 'great lakes' eh?) Powers sprinted around in circles in the freezing cold water and sand. Mind you, the lake was completely frozen when we were here in hte middle of March so it truly is COLD WATER.

and while were out on the peninsula, we realized something. Rollerblading is quite the trend here in Erie, PA. You'd think we were in the opening credits of 90210 back in the early 90's. Young, old, fat, skinny- everybody loves to rollerblade here. It is the glue that keeps us together in Erie.

So, we got to the cottage and me, the moms, and adam unloaded the uhual for a few hours. We met our new yankee neighbors. They are all really nice, friendly, and quirky. We love it.

Meanswhile, this house is a GRANDMA. it is a TRUE cottage from the 1930's and looks like it is from a movie filmed in England. We love it but we've been deep cleaning and fixing up intensely. Mom has been a great help and is good at bossing us around, which, honestly, we need.

Funny things about Erie:
1. French radio stations (Canada is right across the lake)

2. It reminds me of a cross between Europe, New York, Seattle, and somewhere else I haven't been. There are so many funny cultural things. It is an old city, clearly. (hello colonists!) and there are so many restaurants that are TRULY italian or "dominican family restaurant" or polish diner or places where you can buy Gelato! The downtown is full of these really old shops and buildings and restaurants. Everything is very compact and tight and its busy and fun! The outskirts of Town are where you would find your Target & bed bath beyond, etc.

3. This isn't about Erie but its still funny. So, the other day, Freeland said something about me having a different number and I was like huh? And (long story short) he had been texting absurd messages to adam & me on my old phone number (that i got rid of last summer) and offending an elderly Louisiana woman. How do I know she is an elderly Louisiana woman? Well, shortly after we had this convo with freeland, my brother Scott called my mom's phone to wish me a happy birthday. He said, "I tried calling you on your number- did it change?" Yes, it did. "Oh, because i called and I thought you were answering with a fake voice so I sang, 'happy birthday butthole, happy birthday butthold...' and she hung up on me. so i called back an said hellllo??? and she hung up. so then i called back a 3rd time and she said 'Son, this is Evelyn Walker. Who are you trying to call??? and i said 'my sister.' and ole Evelyn said "Well, maybe this USED to be your sisters phone but now its MY phone!" and then i said 'well, if you see my sister, tell her Happy Birthday.
only Scott, I love it.

Speaking of, the birthday was officially postponed until we are done manual laboring our lives away.
Oh this is cooL! We don't sleep with the air conditioning on- we just open the windows b/c it feels good in PA! yay northeast!
We miss all you Waco friends (and other friends too- but we were already missing you!)
Come visit us soon! We have a guest room made up for you!

p.s. b & free- we saw a sign today for "f n b loans" YES!!!!

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