power suits.

much to my mother's dismay, i went out today a-job hunting...SANS powersuit. My mother's belief that the powersuit is an intregal part of impressing an employer was not passed down to me. I had purused the internet and goerie.com and found some jobs that i was interested in. well, jobs that at least i qualified for. and i went to drop off my resume. The funny thing about this tactic is that it usually only earns you face time with the receptionist. So, I really could have gone in overalls and a ty- dye shirt.

THEN, sometimes when you go to drop off your resume, they ask you to fill out an application in the lobby area. Without fail, this application will ask for the phone numbers and addresses of all your previous jobs and 3 references. As if I carry this information around with me all the time.... in my portable file cabinet. Maybe I'll learn.

I'm beginning to realize that a degree (yes, in psychology- thats part of the problem) from a University only really qualifies me to be a barista or a paper delivery boy. (slight hyperbole, but the point remains.) Hopefully I won't have to return to Baylor career services with my tail between my legs.

but hey i have always wanted my own paper route...


Lora said...

If you had worn that powersuit & listened to your brilliant mother, they would have shown you right in to the head of the firm.

Jenni said...

Hey Camille! Remember me from St. Paul's? I got to your blog through Jen Sonntag's blog. Welcome to the East coast. You'll have to come see us in DC sometime.

Up here they make you fill out the apps in the office because they want to make sure that you are able to read and write! We do that where I work.

I love your boxer. I am looking for one for Corey and Connor right now...or maybe two!

Look us up if you are ever in the area.

cece said...

Excuse me, young lady, I have a Masters Degree and have committed my life (at least for now) to serving the coffee-addicts at Starbucks! What can I say, they offer great benefits! As for the powersuit, well, I'll leave my comments to myself as not to upset your mother. She's a pretty incredible lady:) Good luck on the job hunt!!