a spot of tea

i have included some pics of the new cottage. you may view, contigent upon you keeping in mind that it is a work in progress. i must say, when you come you need to bring a pipe and speak in a british accent, okay?

okay, also i was planning on adding pictures of the whole house- but the living room took too stinking long- so you'll have to wait.
in deep anticipation.
or not.

shallow anticipation?

edit: okay i decided to add some more- i had a little time before i go meet the lecom spouses.


kjds said...

well, your casa could not be any cuter! I LOVE IT! love the pillows on the couch, love the table in the breakfast room ... love love love it!

miss you buddy!!

Anonymous said...

your house looks big. you better find a job soon so you can stay in it:).

Gabe said...

jealousy, envy- these are the words that i have for you.
cute couples deserve cute cottages.
that is all.

Unknown said...

wow, you guys really lucked out .. that is a great looking place.