Thanks to Karah Rhodes from the Times for not making us look too much like country bumpkins come to town! We do love Erie and are really enjoying discovering all of its culture & fun surprises. Thanks for being so welcoming, Erie.
Friends and family in the south, you can read the article at goerie.com.


Brooke & Freeland said...

ahhh!! I love it! The article is great! You are now famous in erie. Im forwarding to freeland right now so he can witness this! I miss you guys sooo much! The conference call is overdue..

kck11599 said...

I thought your article was cute and engaging!!!! It is sorta weird to see things from a new perspective, but then cool to see you embracing the quirks we no longer see!!!!
Welcome to NW PA...

jennifer said...

I live in Erie and read your article in the paper today and checked out your blog---it's really great! Here's some restaurant recommendations my husband and I like to pass onto new people---check out Figgy's and Pie in the Sky. Both are off the beaten path, but really unique and worth checking out.

charlieb said...

I read your article in the Erie newspaper today- and your blog-it was cool to see a different take on the town I grew up in.

Welcome to Erie, Pa!!!
I was born and raised in Erie- currently live in Va- but miss certain things and family from home.

Erie does have a certain charm!
- Like Peach street traffic at Christmas time!!

Food... you have to try-

Ox Roast (Edinboro diner)

Valerio's italian wedding soup with real italian bread!!!
Can't forget Sarah's at the entrance to beach!!- you have to have a smiths hot dog there!!
and sponge candy from Stefanelli's

My one pc. of advice for living in Erie would be ENJOY the summer- winter will be there before you know it!!!

Hope you enjoy living there as much as I miss home (at times!)

- Riazzi girl

kjds said...

friends! i loved the article. it did indeed show how funny and fun you both are. perhaps i should plan a vaca to erie? who knew ... miss you at recess cami!

Nick and A.J. said...

Great article! My story is actually the exact OPPOSITE of yours. I've lived in Erie for all of my 19 years and now I moved to WACO (I go to Baylor)! How about that?

Good luck with everything.


freakface said...

Oh, and you guys have made several comments about the "cottage". Where are you, roughly? There are several shoreline "cottage" areas in Erie, both bay side and lake side.


freakface said...

I see your reply tossed on one of my blogs. I pulled it 1) 'cos it doesn't belong there, and 2) I didn't know if you wanted it to be public to the world, since between stuff on the blog and your post back to me you gave me enough information to pretty much figure out your address (and I don't know how many people you want to know that). Anyway, you're in a beautiful area.

Deg said...

Welcome to Erie! I was just introduced to your blog via the Times-News article. It's great to see you two having some fun in the area. I'd recommend visiting Wintergreen Gorge up at the Behrend College campus (Penn State Erie). It's a beautiful campus to walk around at.

I can't wait for your comments about the snow this winter. :)

Trisha said...

Welcome to Erie! I found your blog via the ETN article today. My husband and I have lived here for 4 1/2 years and love it!

I can relate to your culture shock. I grew up in the midwest, and dh's first job was in Bismarck North Dakota. It proves you don't have to be surrounded by water to be on an island!

Glad you're getting out and about. Enjoy the summer!

AlynDallas said...

Hey! My husband and I are both from Erie and saw your article on goerie.com. We moved down south to NC 2yrs ago and can totally relate with you on the "translation" blog, people talk funny here and they think we have accents! I also worked at the Glenwood Y as the Prek teacher before moving and Carol is totally wacky! And my husband worked as a forest ranger in the Allegheny up until we left! He loved the pics. Anyway we hope you enjoy Erie, we miss it! PS. Go to Chippers Tavern, the swankiest dive, but OMG - The best wings ever! I can taste them right now.

mg67 said...

I love reading your blog! It easy to forget that there are wonderful things to do here! It's kind of sad that I've lived here my whole 40 years, but needed to read a blog from new-comers to really start to appreciate all we have to offer!