sunset music

Tonight we went to the Presque Isle music series on the peninsula to hear the Sam Hyman band. It was so cool to see how many people came out and the scenery was beautiful! We arrived a little late and grabbed a seat off to the side of the stage and between the delightful screams of the children jumping through the waves.
We love people watching at events like this. It looked like people from all walks of life came out - old, young, crazy, corporate, artsy...and of course, the carnies.
just kidding.
the band played fun music- oldies & such.
the crowd

even dogs love sam hyman band

kids playing in the water


Heather said...

Welcome to the area! I transplanted from the Pittsburgh, PA area 10 years ago and I am really enjoying your blog. I now live in the North east area and would highly recommend a drive out this way. The annual Cherry Festival will be held July 10-14 raising money for the fire dept. We also have a great wine festival in the fall. North East is easy to get to, just take route 20 (26th st) east and eventually you will run into us. There are great local wineries and some nice shops on the downtown strip.
This summer I hope you have a chance to attend a lot of the local ethnic festivals as well including the Greek festival and the Polish festival.
It has been nice to see Erie through your eyes and see the positve things I tend to overlook. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

Freya_Borealis said...

I just finished reading your blog and it was so enjoyable! A lifelong Erieite, I am fiercely proud of not just NW PA but the entire Commonwealth; you'll find as you explore PA (and by the sounds of it you'll surely be visiting much of the state during your time here) that it is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in the U.S. My husband is from mountainous eastern PA (coal country) and the beauty of the Poconos, WilkesBarre, Sugarloaf, etc. are as gorgeous as the other end of PA's Appalachians, the Laurel Highlands of SW PA. (Watch out for bears, though; the only two times I've seen black bears in the wild in my whole life? A mama with two cubs sunning in the middle of a Poconos mountain road, and a mama with two cubs sunning in the middle of a Laurel mountains road!)
Do plan on visiting State College, home of Penn State University in Centre County (Happy Valley) PA, a most cosmopolitan, hip little college town with great bars, restaurants & shops, and of course, the "world famous" Grilled Stickies at The Diner are a must.
The only part of the state I've never visited is Gettysburg although I hope to someday. My husband says it's the most sobering, majestic, chilling, reverent place he's ever been.
And one last thing: you absolutely have to take a ride down to PYMATUNING Spillway in Linesville, PA, a "freakish spectacle" where gigantic carp, packed so densely that the ducks walk on the backs of the fish, beg for day-old bread. The area is beautiful, but the Carp Experience is a weirdly disgusting right of passage for PA newbies.
I took my husband there the summer we were engaged. He was quite new to the area and on our way back to the car post-carp feeding frenzy he shook his head and told me "uh...that was just about the creepiest thing I've ever seen, and I spent 4 years in the Marines" LOL!
I'm sure you've made many contacts here already, but please feel free to contact me via my Google username. I've got the name of a really cool guy who sells "wild," native flowers and plants if you want some natural landscaping around your cottage, like giant cup plants, blazing stars, wild geraniums, forest ginger, joe pye weed, ironweed, maidenhair fern, etc.
Welcome to America's North Coast! I look forward to following your adventures so keep blogging. :)

Amy said...

Glad I read the paper today and caught the link to your blog. I was born in the area and spent some years living elsewhere, but now I'm back. At least until I can ditch my husband or convince him to want to move, that is. ;-) Anyway, it's fun to see your perspective.