familia grande

"Hop on Board!"

Its the name of the new movement that Adam and I created. We've decided that America should create a railroad system that travels the same routes that the interstate system travels. We mainly decided this because we had an awful flying experience this past week. Let's review:

1. We were supposed to fly out of Erie on Saturday morning. Adam and I wake up at 4:30 a.m. to get to the airport. We get there and oh, wait. Mandatory crew rest? Flight delayed til 9:30. (Thats over 3 hours people!) The agent then informs us that we cannot catch our connector in Atlanta because of the delay, so we'll just have to come back tomorrow. THEN, as we get into the car, a 1-800 number calls. Oh, its Delta. Your flight has been delayed. Good timing Delta. Information I could've used BEFORE i was leaving the airport.
2. We arrive the next morning. Mandatory Crew Rest, again!!! Our stinking flight is delayed again! After some gentle coersion, the lady puts us on an overbooked flight in Atlanta to Florida. But we're still gonna be much later than expected. Then as we are waiting, we get another 1-800 call. Its Delta, again. Your flight has been delayed. Thanks, Delta. I'm already at the aiport, Delta.
The good news is that as we walk around the airport. We are the martyrs. Our flight has been delayed, not just by hours like you people, oh no, but by a day. We slump by with our heavy backpacks and an air of superiority. We have suffered so much. We have waited 27 hours to board this flight. People cover their childrens' eyes as we pass. We are the epitomy of tragedy.
slight hyperbole.
3. On the way BACK to erie, we sit on the atlanta runway for almost 2 hours b/c the sink in the bathroom broke. This sink is actually never fixed, but has to be signed off by maintenance, who is clearly in an intense game of Go Fish in the break lounge. Then, once we are signed off, we wait in a long line of planes and finally depart.

I know, I know. You have an airplane story worse than mine. I am clearly ranting about something less severe than famine or divorce. The airline people are doing the best they can. yadee, yadee. Let me rant.

The vacation, however, was excellent. The water was nice. No spotting of the terrifying jelly fish. Good time with the family
It was weird to be flying back to Erie, though. To not be flying back into Waco and spot the Alico building and drive down Franklin and Austin to get home. It hasn't clicked yet that this is home. But we are liking it a whole lot.

We picked up Powers from his dog camp & he was all groomed and fat & smelled like Stetson and my grandfather. It was glorious. He had a blast, though, and we definitely recommend the Dog House for your dog needs. Those ladies treated him like he was their offspring.

Monday is the day to start looking (officially) for a job. This includes shamelessly promoting myself around town and making awkward introductions at inconvenient times for others. Good Times!

Here are some pictures from the beach- enjoy!


Lora said...

What a great week! Miss both of you already. I am praying for our Northern counterparts to befriend you and make you welcome. SUCH A LONG WAY from home!

Gabe said...

let me first acknowledge my sister for gettin' the sweatiest pic of me the entire trip(takes a sharp eye).
i expect full knee and elbow gear when the two(s) of you are slicing your way through the butter (roller blades=goodness) that is the endless coastline of yonder-way "up_there" inland beaches.
and, yes, person(s) of interest...
...yes, you! person from the Erie Peoples Republic of Perforated Notebooks Who Write Things on Said Paper...
MY SISTER will provide valuable insight!
And last allow me to pepper this message with apoligies for my spelling/grammar/ and undying love for camille and adam.
ok then.