mexican food no-no

well, experience is the best teacher. And the lesson I learned yesterday is that there is I am not a big fan of the (one) Mexican food restaurant in Erie. For all the good food they have here, mexican food is not their forte. Lets just say that. We have agreed that, when the hankering for some good ole enchiladas or queso comes about... we will cook. So, when it comes to Mexican food in this city, I just have to say "no gracias."

On a positive note, the weather warmed up a lot today so, once we'd finished painting some furniture, we went back to the beach for another round. We had to get in the lake to cool off a few times, which was a big change from yesterday! On the peninsula, where we go to the beach, there are jetties (right word? those big rock piles in the water) off the coast, i presume to keep the peninsula from being swept off to sea. This makes the waves small on the peninsula. But, in the areas where there aren't jetties (?) I hear there are nice sized waves! (like those pictured at the top of the post) We are going to go check out some other lake front areas later to see if they have wave-age like this. Overall, excellent beach experience.


Unknown said...

Well, let's see....for Mexican:

Latino's Restaurant & Bar

West Lake Rd.

El Canelo
4 locations in Erie

Out of those, I would personally recommend Latino's. The others are only so-so.

David said...

I second Latino's but El Canelo works if you are in a hurry.

kristin said...

ay dios mio.... sounds like toronto. i have yet to find REAL mexican food here and this city is supposed to have EVERYTHING.

maybe we can swap recipes to keep things fresh!