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well, we just dropped the mom off at the erie airport and she is headed back to louisiana. we are settled quite nicely into our cottage thanks to the home making boot camp run by my dear old mom. truly, we are thankful for her!!! i dont want to sound 'braggy'... but our house is cute. don't judge me.

today after we dropped her off at the airport, we got powers and took him to the beach. (aka the big lake) nay, the GREAT lake. anyhoos, its really cool because the lake is so big that you can find a nice spot all to yourself. AND dogs are allowed off leashes in certain parts of the shore. so, we found a part and let powers go back and forth between swimming and sprinting in circles in the sand. sand seems to confuse him and so adam and i laugh a lot. he digs furiously in the sand and then tries to pounce on his pile. intrigue.

This week has been warm for Erie. (highs in the low 80's) but right now its about 65 and tomorrow the high is in the high 50's!!!! loco. a cold fronts coming through i think. but then its supposed to warm up to low 80s again by the weekend. enough about the weather.

So, a girl emailed me who is a part of the LECOM spouse's group. She invited me to Super Supper's tomorrow night for a party (thats a party like where they have all the ingredients for you and you put together your meals for the week with friends... not a kegger.) I am excited but also feel a little like its going to be greek rush. Will they all have sweaters tied around their necks and wear pastels? i think not but will report back soon.

job update: none. i am paralyzed. any ideas on a profession for me?

the internet man comes tomorrow. next briefing at dusk.
until then

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Gabe said...

professional blogger, ice skater(come winter)- roller blader-summer(hey, it's what the kool kids do in Erie, so i'm told.