it IS fun to stay at the Y

I read on wikipedia that annually over 4 million people to go to Presque Isle State Park in Erie (the peninsula) and let me tell you, Sunday afternoon, we could tell! We went to take Powers on a run and the sidewalk was full of bikers, buggy riders, rollerbladers (obviously), walkers, fishermen, and runners. It was a full out obstacle course until we got into the clearning a little ways out. We've decided that when brooke & free come into town we're going to rent the buggy from the place by the big pond. The awesome thing about the park is that as soon as you enter it, the temperature drops 10 degrees! We rode our bikes there yesterday (On the road, not the sidewalk) and it felt so very nice. Then, my camelback broke and spilled water on me at an astonishing rate. The sucky thing broke off at some point and so the tube just poured water out like the nile. I tried to clip it off to no avail. I tried to shove it in my sportsbra strap pointing straight up but the water kept coming! Gravity held no power over this water. So finally Adam and I pulled over and he folded the tube like a balloon animal and it stopped. The knot, however, may be irreversible and so maybe its time for a new pack.

Also, we've been informed that there IS, in fact, some decent mexican food in this city. By golly, we plan to search this out. So this Thursday night we're going to eat with 2 other former Texans. Will report back with the results.

Today we joined the YMCA. There is a really good deal for LECOM students & families. AND you can use all 4 Y's in the area. And, if you join at the Glenwood branch, let me assure you that you will never meet anyone more enthusiastic about the Y and its benefits in every aspect of the Universe than Carol. She'll have you moving in and leading kiddy wilderness teams before too long. She was very nice. Also, the YMCA offers some very interesting classes. Let's take a looksie.
1. karate (in case you want to get your rage out.)
2. snow shoe-ing. (in case the plow doesn't come and you need to get to work!)
3. belly dancing. (adam really wants to take this class)

We heard that on Thursday nights they clear out State Street, block off the roads and let people walk around from restaurant to restaurant, bar to bar, etc. We think this sounds muy fun and plan to attend soon and report back. So far, the city has been full of cool little surprises and we are becoming big fans. By the by, blast from my 6th grade past, counting crows is coming to Erie at the end of the summer. Carrie? been hangin around this town too long?

now, some thoughts from adam:

Though I don't have ability to create amazing stories from seemingly normal events, as my lovely wife does, I can report facts pretty well. So here we go....

So far I am really liking the city and here are my 5 reasons why.
1. There is a lot of history behind the city. This means that while walking downtown and reading the little "fact plaques" it gives you more of a sense of ownership of the city, since you know its roots!
2. It is not 115 degrees like I'm sure it is in Tx. This means fun outdoor activities, and less money on running the AC 24/7.
3. Although people in the south claim that Northerners are rude we have discovered the exact opposite. It seems as though every person who crosses our path wants to say hello, and then proceed to get our life history as well as give us their own!
4. There a lot of steep hills...I have no idea why I like this I just do.
5. It seems as though this town is saturated with 3 categories of activies that I really enjoy: Medical, Outdoor Sports, Jeep's.

Well those are my most recent revelations of why I enjoy this city. Granted It's not as enjoyable as Cam's writing, but I'm out there and I'm doing it. So BOOYAH!! THE END.


Ron said...

I go to the Glenwood Y too. They're having a major expansion, and the existing facilities are much better than the other Y's around from what I know. I pay $57/month for a family membership for my wife and I, and when our daughters grow up they can use it too!

Kitten said...

I've never met this Carol person, but at the Eastside Y - you'll meet my father who works there. He's very gung-ho about everything there as well.

There's Buggin' State (it's a Friday night - the first of the summer is this Friday). They block State Street off from 12th street down to 4th - and it's all classic cars parked along there (the "entrance fee" for each goes to a charity - I'm not sure which one). You'll love that too!

carrie b. said...

seriously...i'm there! only if we can get up on stage and do our dance :)

i miss you.

i think we need a chili's run soon!