King's Rook

This is a picture of my favorite bar in Erie. Or rather, my favorite looking bar, as I have not been inside yet. But I dare say, we shall make a visit soon.
Unless its a coal miners' bar. and then I'd be a little intimidated.


Bjc said...

I don't want to burst your bubble, but don't expect too much if you do go to this bar. I didn't even know it was still open. Last I heard of people going to this place was over 10 years ago. I would stick to the bars between 18th st and perry sqaure along state.

Ron said...

Yeah, the Rook is mostly a dance club for college frat boys who try to grind into various drunk females on the dance floor, or thug life retards trying to start something with someone, anyone, to feel better about themselves.

However, if you lower your expectations before going in, you won't be as disappointed when you see the real deal.

Good bars around here would be the Plymouth, Sherlocks/Park Place if you like to dance and Molly Branagin's. There's a few others along state but I can't remember them, as I haven't been out to the bar in awhile.

the Jennings secede from the South said...