the unspeakable...

i bought a suit. it happened. mom wins. she is always right.

yesterday i found out i had an interview for today and when reflecting on the options hanging in my closet, i knew it was time. so, i headed to the mall & got my suit. and honestly.. i like it! its chic and actually looks really cute especially with the right shirt and necklace. it wasn't at all the huge shoulder pads, red suit & black buttons i had dreaded. so, here i am. corporate woman.

the interview today was for an admissions counselor. it was a preliminary interview so we'll see what happens! I won't know for 10 days because the head honcho is headed out of town. but the job sounds awesome. although i must admit. i've gotten spoiled by teaching. so, wait.... i don't get off 2 months for the summer? and i only get christmas day, new years day, thanksgiving and day after, memorial day, labor day, and the 4th of july off? isn't that communist? so oppressive! (kidding) ah, welcome to the real world, camille.

last night we had supper with our new favorite 2 Erie people. Josh & Sarah are from Texas too and so, in honor of the great state, we went to torreros. It is a mexican place here, and it actually is in an old fazolis. i know, i know. sounds shady, right? actually it was really good and very close to the tex mex of our homeland! So, i recomend it to anyone with a soul. the lime margarita gets an A+ too! Josh & Sarah are really great & funny and we ended up staying in our booth for 3 hours... the greatest 1st date. haha.

headed to the beach for a while in victory celebration of suit wearing. tonight there is an arts festival at the liberty ampitheater so we might go check that out. we are, after all, so artsy, right? well, we're wannabes. updates later.

by the way, not to make our southern amigos feel sad, but it is 74 right now. and its 1 in the afternoon.


Kitten said...

I had a VERY bad experience at Torreros and we will NOT be going back there again. I'm glad to hear yours was better than mine!

Brooke & Freeland said...

So does this mean our relationship is over? I will break the news to Freeland! Just kidding! I'm so glad yall found some tejas friends up there. They can save our place until were all back together. :) Congrats on the interview and even larger congrats on the suit! you are so corporate.. you should just put it on every morning and go get a grande, triple shot, vanilla, non fat, no foam, extra-hot cappuccino at starbucks. just for kicks and giggles.. to confirm that you are in fact corporate material. Cant wait to hear more about the glorious job search.

Unknown said...

If you like mexican, check out El Canelo - just east of the intersection 12th and Penninsula. We've always had great food there!