the Beach and stuff.

I have great motivation to blog during the day but, the problem is, my children are awake then.  By the time they go to bed at night (which is much later this summer), I am typically not very motivated to blog and therein lies my excuse for lack of blogging.  And being pregnant.  Double whammy!

We had the great fortune of basically having a beach trip handed into our laps by some very generous and loving folks.  Adam was able to go from Sunday to Wednesday morning and I flew back with the boys (solo!) on Friday morning.  This was such a fulfilling trip after the most demanding month of residency to date (during June).  The kids enjoyed the beach and it meant a lot for us to all four spend so much time together (even sleeping in the same room....well, Elliot slept in a pack and play in the bathroom- we tried to let him sleep in our bed with Henry as well but he is not ready for that yet, clearly!)

More on all that later, my motivation tank is empty again.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you're back in the public eye! Ha ha! You would never believe this, but I am now in Dr. Stano's old office. ;-) ... hope all is well in TX! Tell Adam we say hi!