First of all, I'd like to commence this post with a perfectly-timed picture of Powers stepping on Adam's family jewels in the year of our Lord, 2005. I laugh out loud everytime I look at this picture.

Brooke's dating post inspired me to reminisce on my days of dating Adam. I talked about how we met
here but to recap...it was December of 2004. We were engaged December of 2005. Married May 13, 2006.

I did not possess a digital camera during most of our dating saga but Adam did and I have stolen a few fond memories from his archives.

spellunking in Austin, TX (in a deep cave)

our first triathlon in Dallas(training for one is GREAT relationship therapy...)

Adam & I creeping out a nice young man.
One time I told Adam, "I hope you're my last boyfriend."
I don't recommend this tactic, it might be a little over the top.
but, hey, it worked out fine.

two mission trips to Juarez, Mexico

Adam got Powers about 7 months before we started dating.
So, I kinda had to adopt Powers, too. He was our fake-baby for many
years before Henry came along.

At Adam's parents shop before our first big date-
Adam surprised me and took me to the Ft. Worth rodeo
and we went to P.F. Changs and had our first kiss
(Have I told that story yet?
If not, it's a good one.)


CaseyWiegand said...

aw this is so sweet! what a wonderful couple!!

The Tylers said...

Good idea for a post! May copy in the future:)!

brown eyed blogg said...

very cute.

yall are so meant to be.

love reading :)

Marylou said...

If you haven't told the whole first date story, you must! If I remember correctly, there was a certain challenge involving food??