Oi 2010!

My resolution to get out and about daily has come to a screeching halt. I have not left our house since Friday.

In my defense, Adam was home with us and it was WINTER outside.
Like, very winter. Muy winter. Uber-winter.

2010 came in with a bang. Actually, not a bang...a band. Band Hero that we played at a party while Henry miraculously stayed awake and happy until 11 pm (The 7:00 nap might've helped).

2009 was a year of miracles and heartbreaks. Henry came and we rejoiced. A dear friend lost her son and we wept. We gave ourselves to new roles, new seasons. My daily responsibilities shifted from my cubicle to my family. We loved our little home one day, we yearned for heaven the next. We laughed until we cried, we argued and we saw more body fluids than we knew. We were hit with the weight, the heaviness of covering this little guy. We failed on our own, we triumphed as the Lord made a way.

And now that the snow has ceased, the first grocery trip of 2010 must commence. We missed our weekend trip and had Blizzards from Dairy Queen for supper last night (no complaints here).
Happy 2010- peace, joy & love.


Bethany said...

I am so thankful I had you to walk with me through 2009. Looking forward to it again in 2010. You are a blessing Camille!

CaseyWiegand said...

that is so sweet, you guys are a precious family

Marylou said...

I love those pics of y'all in the snow! I know that the Lord has given you much courage and wisdom this year- I'm so amazed by you guys.

Hope the weather gets better and you can get out...It's a balmy 36 degrees here :)

Our Family said...

Way too much snow!!! Just think....in 2010 Adam will be interviewing! 4th year is such an exciting year!!

lindsey said...

Beautiful post and gorgeous pics. It looks like a fairytale...even though I'm guessing it doesn't always feel like one :). Happy 2010!