New Frontiers of Parenting

Tonight, Henry literally threw up into Adam's mouth.


And, Adam didn't throw up.
He merely turned his head to the side and spit.
He spit quite a distance.


(Adam was holding Henry above his head after jiggling him on his knee for a while after Henry ate spinach and potatoes. Men...they don't get cause and effect sometimes.)


Tressa said...

That EXACT same thing has happened to me! HORRIBLE!

Lora said...

I Have NOOOOO Comment for Once!

Marylou said...

Yowzers. That Adam is a good man. I keep thinking the same thing is going to happen to Brian since he like to throw T up into the air...but she did get both of us pretty good when she was sick.

mpcrow said...

Bahahah...Same thing happened to my brother but it was my puppy Charlie he was holding over his head not a baby. he was laying on his back holding the puppy over him and Charlie had just consumed a very large amount of water...its was hilarious, although Drew didnt find it as funny as the rest of the family!

Lora said...

Could someone please translate for Elroy??? My personal translation-

"Throw Baby Up
Baby Throw Up."

The Tylers said...

Niiiiice!! That might make some kind of record book:)! Happy New Year!

Carey said...

hi i found your blog through the Martins and have loved reading about your family! I must say that ranks right up there with cleaning poop out of the bath tub. Something my 13 month old does too often :) unfortunately her daddy never seems to be around when she does it either!
the joys of parenting...