Adam, Henry & I went to an Ab-Fab Christmas Party at Brooke & Freeland's house on Friday night. It was a sweaters & spirits party complete with wine tastings and winter olympics competitions (boys vs. girls...girls won after a pivotal dance-off). We even brought our Pack n' Play so that we could stay until the bitter end.

Since Adam refused to cross-dress so that we could match (Can you believe him?!), I went alone looking like an extra from Coming to America. At least I was a festive extra?

A few of the gals.

Thanks for hosting, Ackley's. It was muy fun.


Elaine said...

Dying to know what games are involved in Winter Olympics. I'm picturing an episode of The Office... Looks like yall had fun!

Lora said...

YIKES-there seems to be a growth on Adam'es face! Get a doctor to check that out!

The Tylers said...

You have such a fun group of gals and guys up there! And you are so sporting that costume!! Love it!

Marylou said...

love the tackiness! Kind of looks like an eighties hairdresser meets oompah-loompah wig ;)