Sunday Afternoons

Who doesn't love a good ol' lazy Sunday afternoon? Well, we don't not love it. Two negatives = a positive. We do. We do love it! As captured by this photograph taken on Sunday afternoon.

Adam is currently getting his critical care rotation on, Henry is napping, Powers is eating poultry-flavored tooth-paste. I just watched the finale of Sing-Off on hulu.com. Hey, I liked that show! They should do it again. I anticipate that college campuses all over the United States will suddenly have an influx of a cappella groups singing underneath archways and in stairwells...basically wherever there are good acoustics. I'm all for that. What the world needs now is more doo-wap groups.


Lindsay said...

oh we loved the sing off!

Deb said...

ahhhhh so sweet

lindsey said...

Sweetest pic ever! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!