Might Cause Ignoring Your Child.

Band Hero by Franti on Flickr.

The older you get, the fewer surprises come your way. Well, at least in the gift-department. However, this year we were truly shocked to open up a box from my parents with a...Wii! What? I mean, as Brooke said when I told her, we don't even have cable...Random! But, when combined with the awesomeness that is Band Hero, you've got yourself delight for hours.

The first day, we discovered that we'd have to take turns so as to not ignore our son or wait until he goes to bed to crank out a few songs duet-style. Then, Christmas afternoon, we took it to Brooke and Freeland's and played for hours together. Band Hero will truly make you think that you are capable of band greatness and that you missed your calling in life to become a drummer. (that is, until you take the drums off of the "easy" setting)


The Kiser's said...

you should get the new super mario brothers game. it's a blast! we play it after putting the little one to bed. you can play and go through the world's together.

Lora said...

I actually ha a little hint from Biggest Brother when he told me that YOU said that Henry wanted a WII. WHO KNEW??? I did think---they will LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I also got a Wii after wanting one for 2 yrs! I am loving the Wii fit plus and the Price is right game...something tells me you would like that one also...Happy for both of us! lol

C and G said...

ohh, Wii is so addicting!!! And I agree, the Super Mario Bros. is a must get. I'm not allowed to have video games in our house because I play them too much!
Enjoy the Wii!!