The Ten

We had a wonderful Christmas and I want to share all about it once I get a few pictures uploaded but, first off, can we just pause for a moment and take in the fact that the year 2010 is upon us?

When Adam and I first moved up here, it was May of 2007. We had been married for one year and he was beginning medical school. His graduation date: May, 2011. Oh, sigh. Gasp! So far away, so far away.

Now it is 17 months away! Wow. Wow-za.

Life is flying by like a freight train and you gotta be proactive and intentional about a few things or else *poof* it's 2020 and your sitting in your pajamas watching soap operas drinking sidecar at 11 a.m with Dorito crumbs all over your lap. Not really but time, it is a-flying.

Happy New Year!


Deb said...

Our days our numbered... thanks for the reminder!

Marylou said...

you stinkin' crack me up! Dorito crumbs?

Yes, and don't forget that 2011 is also the fateful year of our 10 year high school reunion. Dang, we are old.

Lindsay said...

It's so amazing how fast it flies by!! How awesome that he is almost DONE!!

C and G said...

The end is in sight!! It's a good feeling :)

Happy New Year!