We Just Need Some Horse-Drawn Sleighs

...and this would be a durned Dickens' novel! Or at least a Bing Crosby song...

It is white everywhere outside...Erie's winter has arrived and I have mixed feelings. It is beautiful, I can't deny it. However, I feel a little less flexible with Henry...like, we can't just hop out and run errands as easily and we can't set up a blanket and sit in the back yard (or else we'll be soaked!) However, to focus on the positive- we CAN bundle up and watch Powers chase a tennis ball around in the yard and pounce on snowballs. That makes Henry laugh. I just don't want to get cabin fever...Thank God for the YMCA.

this is Henry clapping. He has a really soft golf clap that doesn't make any noise...for now.

This Christmas, we will be here due to Adam's rotation schedule. I am sad to not be with our family but excited for our new little family of 3 (or 4, Powers included) to begin new traditions and spend spend some quality time together. Plus our dear friends, the Ackley's, will be here and they have become like family to us. Plus, we will be visiting the south in January (Perfect time of year) and Henry will get spoiled rotten then.

Enjoy this Monday!


Lindsay said...

Like you said, it will be so fun to start your own traditions!

lauren said...

that sounds really sweet to just be together as a little family...holidays can get kind of crazy when you live close to your in-laws and your own immediate family! i know what you mean about not being able to pick up and go...i have to get out and do some Christmas shopping but it seems like so much work these days to go places!!!!

Jenna Cox said...

Camille, i am sure you dont remember me from Baylor. We only met a couple of times but had tons of mutual friends. Anyway, i look at your blog all the time and gauk at how adorable your little man is. He is so cute and i am sure you are a great mom! Hope all is great in Erie. Wish we got some snow in Nashville already! Give my dear friend Brooke a big hug for me. :)

CaseyWiegand said...

I love your sweet family and am just SO sad that we dont live closer!!!!

C and G said...

Henry is such a big boy! advanced skills already :)
I'm laughing at your comment about the hand painting..I imagine is was an adventure.