Thursday Mornings With the Girls

I think I've mentioned before that on Thursday mornings, Henry & I go to Brooke' s house and watch So You Think You Can Dance with Bethany & her. It's a fun tradition and Henry enjoys crawling after the Ackley's animals. Today was the finale (incidentally, although I like Russell, I hate it when people get so excited that they rip off their shirts to celebrate. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned fist pump?) and as we were getting ready to leave, Brooke said that she had something to show me.

She had tivoed a show called "Sing-Off" which is an a cappella type competition and this dude...this dude in the purple looks JUST LIKE ADAM. We were cracking up!

So, basically...I don't think that Adam is even in med school. When he's doing rotations, he's really hooking up with his A Cappella group.


Sarah Duke said...

Oh my-lanta, Camille!! I watched this show the first night it was on and I thought THE SAME THING!!! I was going to write and tell you, but just forgot. And I only know Adam through pictures and I thought they looked just alike! You have never mentioned his singing capabilities before!

Lora said...

OK---he's been holding out on us!!! I expect a concert on my next visit

Danielle said...

YES! I was going to tell you about this the next time I saw you! LOL!

Deb said...

HAHAHAHAAA LOL HAHHAHAHAHA LOL Separated at birth? Adam's doppelganger? Maybe actually ADAM! Evil twin? There has to be an answer!! We curious types need answers!!! HAHAHAAAA