I can't decide if I'm doing less during the 1st trimester and that's why I have less to blog about or if I am just unmotivated to blog due to lethargy. Either way, things are going well around here! We did some spring cleaning and ewww, we are disgusting. At least the dog hair in our home is disgusting. How does it get into the places it does? Marvel.

Other than that, I've just been trying to avoid stepping into elevators with men wearing too much Axe body spray (Seriously men, please consider hormonal and nauseous women when applying cologne...a dab will do ya.)

We have really enjoyed hanging out with River Ackley- Brooke & Freeland's new son. He is precious. And, hopefully I will think of something interesting upon which to blog tomorrow. My mind is a blank.

Monkey, monkey.

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CaseyWiegand said...

im sorry youre still feeling sick :(....My doc gave me Zofran and it really helped. Sure love your cute fam!