Will the Real Dada Please Stand Up?

Henry points at Adam and says, "Dada."

Adam's heart melts. He smiles ear to ear.

Then Henry points at Powers. "Dada."

Henry points at the lamp. "Dada."

Henry points at a ball. "Dada."


Jeff and Lauren said...

Hahaha! Cute. At our house, "Mama" can sometimes mean Mommy, but often it means 'pick me up', 'help me', 'more', 'I'm tired!', etc. Hope you are doing well! Miss you guys.

(PS...more pictures of Henry soon!!!)

Marylou said...

haa haaa haa! This makes me laugh because Tristyn will pick out random men at church, at the store, walking in our neighborhood and say "dada." Luckily she looks just like Brian so no one's getting suspicious!

Deb said...

Toooooo funny! Thanks for the chuckle.

Sarah said...

That makes me laugh....poor Daddy. :-)