Clear Eyes.

Well, on Friday, I took Elliot to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist and they dilated Elliot's eyes and we went to kick it in the dark waiting room for 30 minutes (Which is difficult for a 10 month old who wants to crawl out of that room and there's no door to stop him...). But the doctor came and saw him and we went ahead and did the procedure for his blocked tear duct while we were there. That was unexpected but I was happy to get it done with.

Basically, bind Elliot to a papoose board and stick a probe into his tear duct and then flush it with saline. I sat next door and he screamed and it was sad but, luckily, it only lasted about a 9o seconds. I came in afterwards and was able to nurse him and he passed out asleep as soon as he was buckled into his car seat.

Prayerfully, this procedure works and we won't have to go into the hospital and have a stint put in!

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Anonymous said...

I will pray the procedure is all he will need. What a blessing that you were able to calm him so quickly.

I hope you are planning a Waco trip to see some football! As I said before, Lucy would love to get a friend and keep your sweet boys here so you and Adam can enjoy the game.