One is Silver

Did y'all sing that song in brownies?

Make New Friends
But Keep the Old.
One is Silver
and the Other's Gold

Today I am missing the crisp fall in Erie
but I am thankful for the covered playground we enjoyed this morning in Fort Worth.

Today I am missing loyal friends in Erie
but I am thankful for new sisters I am spending time with here in Fort Worth.

Today I am missing the past four years in Erie
but I am thankful to see the Lord's faithful leading of us on this new adventure in Fort Worth.

Already I can see that God is working so many things together here in Texas and I am humbled that he cares about details in my little world like playgrounds and heart friends. At the same point, the missing my dearies in Erie is catching up with me. I have missed new babies and fire pits (you know, because it's fall up there!) and all kinds of shenanigans. The older you get in life (and the more you move around), the more people you get to miss. I sometimes wish that i could just transport all my favorite people onto a big commune and we could all live together and all bring vegetables to the giant cauldron and make stone soup. (No?!) Hope for heaven, hope for heaven...well, minus the stone soup...I think the food will be better than stone soup.


Elaine said...

I love the Stone Soup story! I think it would be tasty.

Christie Lee said...

We miss you and your sweet family too! I DO remember that song!
Forever friends!

Bethany said...

I miss you and all our Erie peeps too. Trusting the Lord's faithfulness during this new chapter. And if you ever want to get serious about this commune thing, you know I'm the girl to talk to, I'm so in.

Deb said...

Love that song....yes, separation never is easy, but I am so thankful for this day and time with the internet to keep more connected!

Tiffany said...

Aw, I feel ya. It's been tough on me moving around so much (in the 7+ yrs I've been married) when I didn't move around at all until college. I've met some fabulous people that I wouldn't have otherwise, and it is cool to see how God works and cares about the details. :)

lisa said...

i mean, i think we live the same life sometimes. it's so weird! i realize that you live in texas and i now live in indonesia, but you always write about the thing i'm feeling... or what just happened to my two kids that are exactly the same ages as yours. it's fun. i miss my friends in boston too. God spoke to me this morning about the incarnation, about him leaving his home that we might know the father... i'm thankful that he loved us enough to leave his home. i too long for our forever home. see you there. ;)

Sarah Lynne said...

Totally sang that song. I wish we lived in a big sister-wife type house!

E said...

yes remember the song. WE MISS YOU IN ERIE!