I am thankful for my brother, Gabe, who drove up from Austin so that he could help me drive the two kiddos to Louisiana and back last week. I was really nervous about a drive with two kids, I only really have flying experience with the boys. I mean, what do you do? Leave at night and hope that they sleep the whole way? Do you break it up along the way with stops and diaper changes? If so, what if there is just one of me? How does this work?

As it turns out, the drive went way better than I could've anticipated...I was thankful for the Lord's traveling mercies. The backseat of my car is littered with cheerios and toy cars but, if that's the worst of the damages, then I ain't complaining.


Anonymous said...

everyone needs a gaga!!


Tiffany said...

What a great brother! :)

Kate said...

I drive 2 or 3 times a year to Indiana from Austin alone with Oliver and my trick is to leave at about 4am. Oliver usually sleeps until about 10am after I load up and leave. Then we stop for change and food etc. I also try and stop and play catch at rest stops with parks etc. Works like a charm.