My Hub's Least Favorite Things, Part Deaux.

Curious blog title, no? Well, you'll remember last month when I commented on Adam's least favorite item of mine, Girlfriend? If not, click here.

There's more though...more items of mine that Adam immensely dislikes. Behold, Afro-Latin Party CD.

I picked this up one time at the grocery store and, to me, it is delight to the ears, spunk to my step, salsa to my heart. So much fun, so much happiness. To Adam, not so much. He hears Afro-Latin Party and feels like we are in the waiting area for a taco joint.


Sarah Lynne said...

How did this not make the gg mix?

Hannah Lee said...

HAHAH! I may have to test that one out on iTunes! Sounds like fun to me!

MrsOgg said...

I just LOVE the cover illustration...especially how her hair is draping on the floor! It's comical. But, I can relate bc Rob hates it when I listen to show tunes...luckily (or unluckily depending how you look at it) I usually don't bust out my collection until we are on a long road trip.