One of my favorite things about Henry's age is that I get to see his imagination at work. Example: Just know, I walked in on him and he was talking to Thomas the train and saying, "What's wrong, Thomas? What's wrong? Come here. Come here, Thomas." And giving him a hug. Ugh, so sweet- melt my heart.

He told Adam tonight, "I luh you, Dada. I luh you with my HEART! My heart sings!"

Again, with the heart melting.

However, we also have moments where our hearts are not so much melting like when Elliot gets bitten by Henry twice in 24 hours (like bruised, he was bitten so hard).

Yesterday, we were having a discipline session and Henry was looking away while I talked to him about biting Bear and I told him, Look at my eyes, Henry. He got about one millimeter from my left eyeball and stared so intently with this look that I burst out laughing and kinda ruined the serious discipline moment.

Oh, Henry.

and little brother, to boot!


Anonymous said...

I have gotten that very intent "eyeball stare" from my 3 year old son countless times. HILARIOUS! Really ruins the discipline, but oh well!.

lisa said...

i know the look! i say the same thing to mary... "mary, look at my eyes. eyes, mary!" as her glance is wandering off. then, she comes so close and i have to do everything in me not to die laughing. i hold it in about half the time. too bad mary and henry can't play. i think they'd like each other.

sissi said...

oh my god so cute <3

Kate said...

I love that age too! I overheard Oliver in the laundry room the other day with a spray bottle of water saying "oh maaan this is so dwirty. Mommy cwean it for you."

E said...

Jessie does the same thing!!!! She did it today!!! VERY HARD NOT TO LAUGH!