This picture actually has nothing to do with my posting topic for today but it sure was cute.

Friday night, some friends & Adam & me threw Freeland and Brooke a big, surprise baby party!

FIRST, We had sent Brooke a fake invitation for a baby shower on Sunday, February 21st.

THEN, we told Freeland that he was going to help us surprise Brooke on February 14th by getting her to our friend Sarah's house for a shower.

THEN, we rode with Brooke & Freeland to a "Valentine's Party" on Friday night BUT, in reality, we had over 30 guys and gals ready to sing, "For He's A Jolly Good Baby" when they hit the door. It was a blast and they were surprised.

It was definitely your non-conventional baby shower. We played blindfolded pictionary, made Freeland taste baby foods and guess the flavors, had an ice chest full of brewskis, and made a blindfolded Brooke crawl on the floor and guess which leg belonged to Freeland. It was a fun party and it was cool to see how many people love Brooke & Freeland and wanted to support them at this non-shower shower.

Adam was definitely Dad of the Year and entertained and chased after Henry for over three hours at the party while I bossed everyone around and ran the games segment of the evening. It was a great shower and I worked with two amazing hostesses- Christie and Sarah- creative, wonderful gals.


Jeff and Lauren said...

So bummed we couldn't be there. We miss all of you ladies! Post pictures when you can...or make Brooke do it! :)

Marylou said...

yay! glad everything went well :) Would love to hear about it over the phone (hint hint!!) we need to talk SOON!!!!!

The Tylers said...

You have such a sweet heart Camille. Glad y'all had a great time at the shower!

lindsey said...

This sounds like a blast! And, I love the games. I wish the South wasn't so conventional, or I would suggest a baby party here too. Or, maybe I'll just shun the proper way and do it anyway! Too fun!