Great Hiding.

Let's face it: Adam & I already not the most organized people on the planet. We know this. So, already we lose things and have to search to find them.

Like, keys.
Or a phone.
Or a camera battery charger.

But Henry thought that finding things was too easy for us. He's decided that we usually find our missing items in obvious places, apparently. We need to show more commitment during household hunts. So, he has taken to hiding our everyday items in mysterious places.

Like, in closets.
Or his toy box.
Or in an ice chest.

Luckily, while (unsuccessfully) looking for the Wii remote, I found the camera battery charger!
With my makeup!

The cool thing about this is that, even if Henry didn't hide the object, we can still feel better about ourselves and blame him! It's like blaming a poot on the dog...win, win.


Lora said...

I found toys in various strange spots after Henry left. He seemed to really like the depository in the pantry--get in close the door and stick something on a shelf already full---WHAT FUN!

Our Family said...

Ha! I remember that stage....I was always scared Addy would hide something in the toilet!!! We were very good about keeping that things closed!