Dreary, Dreary

the corn box- like a sand box but full of...you know, corn

sliding with his Dada

Checking out the goats

Welp, it's been nice to be back in our home but, sadly, Erie's been a bit...well, dreary. Dreary Erie. It has rained every day since we've been back. During the few intermittent periods of dry (yet cloudy) we've snuck out to do some fun activities like going to Port Farms, Mason Farms, Frontier Park & the zoo. Heck, even when it is raining, we can make a fun trip out of the grocery store- especially if we have Adam on Henry duty. But still...please come back Mr. Sun. Whatever we said, whatever we did...we didn't mean it. We just want you back for good (want you back....want you back...want you back for gooooood).

Adam's had great hours right now and has been scheduling his interviews for October, November, December & even January. Then, March 17th...Match Day! AKA- we find out where we're gonna live for the next few years!

Happy Monday!


Bethany said...

Happy Monday to you too little lady. Did you get my message? I miss you and hope we can catch up soon.

Tiffany said...

Henry's hat is super cute!