1 Week Old!

Being really tired makes you say silly things about how people incur the swine flu. Last night, Henry found his awake time....he likes to sleep all day and party all night- woohoo! It wasn't bad although he did stay awake and fuss from his 9:00 feeding until his midnight feeding. Then he went 3 hours and 45 minutes until his next feeding- woohoo! Usually we wake him up at the 3 hour mark but let him go a little longer in the middle of the night if he'll get on board. He sometimes wakes up after 2 hours to eat but he's doing good. He is 1 week old and pretty established on the breast so we went ahead and gave him the paci today. He likes it except when it falls out of his mouth...then he's not happy. We're using it when he's fussy or needs soothing.

Powers is loving Henry. Everyday he pays more attention to Henry and he really enjoys licking Henry's feet. If Henry is crying, Powers will come & get you and make sure that you're coming to soothe Henry. We're not leaving them alone together but, so far, Powers is really sweet with him. Thank you, Lord. I really was kinda worried about that.

We had our 1st doctor's appointment today. When Henry was born, he weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz. By the time we left the hospital on Friday, he was down to 8 lbs. 0 oz.

And then the milk came in.

Since we left the hospital on Friday, Henry has gained 12 oz. He is back up to 8 lbs. 12 oz.! Wahoo! The pediatrician made me feel really good about that and I was encouraged to persevere through the sore ta-tas! Actually, the ta-tas are much improved- he is getting good latches and once he's on, it doesn't hurt...just the initial latch is a bit painful since I'm sore. So, wahoo!

Today, Adam and I realized how much coordination it takes to get out the door with a baby. It takes some planning, organization, and teamwork to get the feeding timed and get packed and get somewhere on time. We'll practice...we'll get better:)


C and G said...

Happy one week henry! Eat well! Beautiful picture of mom and baby

Bethany said...

Glad to hear the breast feeding has gotten better. Very encouraging to hear. Looking forwad to hearing more about your appointment with the ped.

Marylou said...

smart woman new mommy! Let the boy sleep at night if he will!!!(I speak from experience after making the mistake of waking her up to eat at night...what WAS i thinking??) 3 hrs. and 45 min is AWESOME for his age...keep persevering...you guys are doing GREAT! And...coffee is your friend. :) (one cup a day shouldn't hurt him)

freakface said...

Call me crazy, but I always thought if Junior sleeps during the night, you let Junior sleep so that Junior gets in the habit of sleeping...at night.