Ramble Rumble

Tomorrow is my last day at work. 
This is weird.  (but happy weird). 

However, you do spend most of your days, weeks, months with the people that you work with- 8 hours a day, 5 days a week these are the folks you see.  How weird when you see them much, much less.  The HR lady emailed me to say that I would have my exit interview at 3 p.m. and to bring my employee handbook.  Hmmm....employee handbook...did I get one of those?  Should I know where it is?  If I don't bring my employee handbook will they make me stay?  Or will they ask for my first-born son?  Oh no!

Adam asked me what I would be doing with myself on Monday- I dunno!  The weather is supposed to be sub-par and rainy so perhaps a couple of errands, a nap, a lifetime movie, a walk with Powers, another nap...who knows?

I had my first Max & Erma's experience tonight with some girlfriends from my girls' group.  They had a fundraiser for Jen LaRue and it was delicious!  Bethany recommended the chicken tortilla soup and I don't regret it at all!  Yummmm and richhhhhh.  It's not like my cooking light recipe- all soup-y, this is a creamy broth and it's nice.  

I hope everyone has a nice Friday!  


Hannah Lee said...

Yay for no work! Enjoy it girl because your hands are going to be a full very very soon!

The Tylers said...

Enjoy the next few weeks-you may not have as long as you think...little Henry may arrive early:)!! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Are you totally quitting or just on maternity leave? Yuck, I can't stand Max and Erma's. Their soup comes in big giant barrels. Tiny worms were also found in their cream of broccoli soup a few years ago.

Lora said...

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO Annoymous! Who wants this information POST eating there????

Sarah Duke said...

Hey Camille, it's Sarah Shadoin, Robbie's little sister. I have been reading your blog recently - I found it on Hannah's list. It is so entertaining and fun to read; you crack me up! Congratulations on Baby Henry, and I hope you're next several days of peace are just what you want them to be. Enjoy being off work, and good luck with your delivery!

jackie said...

Enjoy your "nesting day" at home. I know you are ready for Henry to make his appearance. Can't wait to see pictures of your baby!! Take care.

adrian seney said...

I don't really like it when you take a few days off from blogging...are you trying to prepare us for Henry's arrival? Maybe Momma Lu can blog for you?!

I am glad to know you are a fan of pizzerts, too. Does it really get any better? I think NOT.