update on Jennings family of 3

Hello again blog world. Brooke here. Just wanted to give every one of you anxious blog readers an updated on the soon to be Jennings family of 3!

Cam & Adam are doing great. I know they are very thankful for all of your prayers & excitement!

Apparently Henry is a little too cozy in there!

The cervidil didn't work (despite the cramps Camille had all night)

The doctor gave them some options and they have decided to do a c section a little after ten today!

SO stay tuned... before you know it Henry will be here! I know you're all just as excited as we are to see his cute little face!

Scratch that! This just in: time was bumped. Looks like they will do the c section around noon now! (you heard it here first folks!! i kid, just wanted to sound like a reporter ... i will let you know if I hear of any other updates!)


Christie Lee said...


Jeff and Lauren said...

We can't wait to meet you Henry!

Danielle said...

i'm so excited!

Ron said...

Ooh, C-Section. My wife had that with our daughter (She had placenta previa) - she still doesn't like touching the scar. :( Hope this heals easily for you Camille!

And congrats!

Marylou said...

Great job as "stand-in-blogging" reporter Brooke! Can't wait to meet Mr Henry finally!! Guess he's going to be like his parents...easy-going and not in a big hurry :)

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Keep us posted...I was hoping to wake up this morning and find a baby hehehe and I am sure they were also.

Kristin Stuart said...

Hey girly! I have been thinking about you. I know how you feel with the cervidil. I had to do the exact same thing and guess what...it DIDN'T work!!!!!! I had two doses of it, a patosin drip along with 24 hours of labor, THEN they decided to do the c-section. I am so glad that you have a healthy little baby boy! Email kristinkstuart@gmail.com or call me if you need ANYTHING!!!! Motherhood is fun, but hard at times! Hang in there and take care of yourself! Learning from experience DON'T overdo it and let your mom take care of you!

Deb said...

WOW! He is precious!