Nesting by Proxy

Now that my mom's here, she's fizzing about like a mad woman.  In fact this morning, I was sitting in the back yard doing  a little reading, soaking up the Erie sun, and she had the step ladder out cleaning our front windows.  

Now that she's here, I no longer need to fizz- I can nest by proxy!  

Today we went to Urbaniak Brothers to get some sweet Italian sausage- we loved this place!  We also picked up some polish sausage for our sweet next door neighbors who love the stuff.  Nice place and really nice folks.  I just tried the sweet Italian sausage and it was mmmm good. 

Adam & I just took a long, hilly walk to try and get Henry moving on down towards the light.  To no avail, so far, but if Henry is going to stay put, I'm glad that it's at least BEAUTIFUL outside and we've gotten to enjoy raking and reading and walking and sitting in the sun. 

So glad to have my mama here- she takes care of us so well and is the best house-guest.  My dad is coming tomorrow and we look forward to him being here and Henry making his way into the world soon (hopefully)!  

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Hannah Lee said...

Oh I am so glad Mrs. Lora is there! I know she will get that house ready for little Henry-bug. You...on the other hand...enjoy this time! Put your feet up, get a mani/pedi, go for a movie-- the baby is almost here!