Big Weekend

This has been a big, busy weekend. We had Bethany's baby shower over here last night & it was a success! It was a garden party in the backyard so we hung lots of lanterns and covered the four tables with fun, whimsical tablecloths that Sarah found at the flea market and had a good ol' time. Bethany's mom, sister, and grandmother were all able to attend and I discovered that Bethany's son will be not only the first grandbaby on her side but also the first GREAT grand-baby on both her mom's and dad's side...can you believe that? What a kid.

Aubrey, Sarah, Brooke, and I all hosted this shower and the girls all left the house about 11 last night. This morning I had a text message that said that Aubrey's water had broke(n?) and she now has a beautiful son named Roman. This has happened twice in the past year- people hang out at my house weeks before their due date and then BAM! their water breaks that night. So, if you're wanting to go into labor, come hang out over here...apparently it's one of those things to try like going on a long walk or eating spicy mexican food.

Adam had baby duty during the shower and took Henry & Powers to the Peninsula to go fishing...which I thought was a bit optomistic but he made it work...
I'll add pictures as soon as I steal some from Brooke...our local photographer extraordinaire...It was a special, fun shower though and we can't wait to meet little Baby G...and little Roman!


Lora said...

Just like your Momma-LOVE to give a good party! It would seem hanging at your house worked for EVERYONE- BUT you!

Bethany said...

Thank you again for a wonderful shower! I had so much fun and feel so blessed by all of you. Good observation about girls going in to labor after hanging out at your house. You can expect me to be at your house every night until little baby g arrives. =)