A literal slap

I saw this morning on the twitter home page that a dude from Black Eyed Peas is being accused by Perez Hilton (gossip blogger) of attacking him (Hilton). It's this whole big mess of he said, he said. Now, I don't know what happened and not to be quick to judge but when you make a living off of not only reporting gossip but slandering and defaming others then I think that a punch in the face might be commonplace, no? The funny part is that Hilton twittered to his fans from his cell phone requesting that they call the police because he'd just been attacked by Will.i.am. (dude from black-eyed peas) instead of using his cell phone to call the police. Then once authorities arrived, he twittered to let his fans know that the police had arrived and that they could stop calling the cops.
*Edit- just read the it was Black Eyed Peas dude's manager that hit Perez Hilton after Hilton called Will.I.Am. an ugly name.

Yes, at last the sun is out and I have good news to report on the Henry sleep front. On Friday morning, I reported that he had slept 6 hours. WELL, Friday night he slept 7 hours and 15 minutes (9 to 4:15) and on Saturday night, he slept 6 hours and 45 minutes (9 to 3:45)!
On Friday night, I had to plie on down to the living room and relieve the pressure at 3:45. Holy Cow, Batman! Last night was off, he only made it 4 hours and 10 minutes but his schedule was pretty off yesterday as we kept interrupting his naps to do fathers' day activities...whoops. I haven't been doing the dream feeding yet but I may try that soon- thanks for all the great advice!

Getting to sleep makes such a big difference and I'm shocked at how I've adapted to less sleep. Before Henry, I was a HUGE baby about sleep. I really, really wanted to get my full night's rest and I was pretty cranky if it was interrupted or if I didn't (especially for silly things like WORK!). Now, I get 4 or 5 hours and I am jazzed! Welcome to parenthood?


Tressa said...

Sleep is overrated! Welcome to Parenthood! ;)

*Stace* said...

aww! just starting reading your blog! very cute and fun!! i totally understand your "need" for sleep before you had a kid, b/c that is exactly how i am now! i need my sleep! i hope that when i have kids, i adapt as well as u!! :-)

Deb said...

7 hours....that is AWESOME!