Quickie Postie.

So, we just got done picking up our little buddy Brooke Ackley from Africa.  Well, we picked her up from the airport...not Africa.  She's got lots of amazing stories to tell that I'm sure she'll be posting on her blog soon- overall, seems like a life-changing trip.  We're so glad she's back- I missed her.  Freeland will be there another 2 weeks with a medical team and so keep praying for him and his time serving there. 

Henry James had his 2 month shots today.  He weighed 12 lbs. 6 oz. (68th percentile) and was almost 24 inches long (85th percentile) and his head was in the seventy-something percentile so overall a good check-up.  The shots were not near as bad as I'd thought they'd be.  Two nurses tag-teamed and each gave two shots in each leg so we got it over with and done quickly and I was able to nurse him right after which helped.  Poor kid was just taking a nap and all of a sudden, BAM!  I had to hold down his legs... that part was kinda sad.  But now he's got 4 rockin' Charlie Brown bandaids.  He's been a little sleepy today but pretty much the same ol' Henry.  Hooray!

I'd post more but I need to go get the little guy ready for breakfast.  I mean, what?  Why did I just type breakfast.  For bed...get him ready for bed.  Ok, farewell.


Bethany said...

Way to go Henry! And way to go Camille for being such a great mom!

Marylou said...

yay! I'm glad Henry did ok with the shots...and you did too. :) Maybe you should think about either taking a nap or drinking more caffiene...."breakfast?"

Hannah Lee said...

Glad to hear shots went well for both Henry and yourself. I was a basketcase. I think I worked myself up a little too much, though. He is a growing boy! So sweet.

Our Family said...

I am so glad Henry's shots went well! I miss you girls so much!! I hope I can fly up sometime and hold Henry again! Let me know next time you are in Texas. Addy and I can make a road trip!!